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Lonzie Johnson, MBA, and Linda Johnson, who holds professional insurance designations with The Society of Claim Law Associates, and is a practicing Fraud Claim Law Associate and Casualty Claim Law Associate, founded Insurance Snoopers in 2011. These founders have over 70 years of combined experience in the Property and Casualty Insurance Claims field with major insurers nationwide and reinsurers internationally.

The core purpose of Insurance Snoopers service is to get the public to understand the importance of reading and understanding their policy of insurance. To that end, the company produces easy-to-view insurance coverage summary and comparison information for California automobile owners and drivers.

Currently, there is no one in the private-passenger automobile insurance industry that offers information to the public like Insurance Snoopers. Likewise, as more auto insurers enter the private-passenger automobile insurance industry, they too revealed little concern about fully educating the public about standard and substandard insurance coverage. Collectively,these insurers typically ignore the 10 undisputable principles and facts supporting the need to educate policyholders on reading and understanding their insurance policy:

  1. Many people make broad and unfounded assumptions about the extent of their coverage.
  2. Insurance policies are difficult for most people to read and understand.
  3. People typically cannot review the policy wording, terms, conditions, and exclusions for automobile coverage until after insurance policy has been purchased.
  4. People rely too heavily upon the perceived knowledge of the agent, broker, or producer in determining their insurance protection needs.
  5. A major concern of many people is to ensure that their insurance policies are in place and premiums are paid.
  6. People are not legally relieved from being required to read their policy of insurance.
  7. People discover inadequacies in insurance coverage only after suffering a loss.
  8. As of 2011, "87 percent of drivers who currently have auto insurance said that they had never read at least part of their auto insurance policies.
  9. Trial lawyers are all too familiar with cases where the auto insurance coverage is actually illusory.
  10. An average person cannot make an informed insurance decisions on what, when, why, and where to buy insurance coverage, from whom to buy insurance coverage, how to buy, or how much to buy without first being fully educated.

Furthermore, auto insurers understand that most policyholders could not recognize the difference in coverage that they provide to the public. Under Section 12959 of the California Insurance Code, the commissioner of the California Department of Insurance as well is only required to publish and distribute a comparison of insurance rates report (automobile premium survey 4) of those lines of insurance, which are of most interest to individual purchasers of personal lines of coverage. As the direct result of limited information available, insurance coverage became and remains "price-driven", and policyholders continue to seek protection by purchasing the cheapest coverage regardless of the risks that they currently face.

Nevertheless, Insurance Snoopers general strategy is to create strategic alliances and partnerships with all California auto insurers, and other sellers of insurance to tum out insightful information to the public.

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